What NSFW Material Do Women Browse On Reddit To Get Horny?

nsfw women redditWhat NSFW material do women browse on Reddit to get horny? 

With social distancing and way too much time on our hands, let’s fine something productive to do with them.   Jill off.  Although these subreddits we are linking below aren’t the only thing women browse when horny, they were selected from a survey taken of straight and bi women that were asked, “What nsfw material do women browse on reddit when they want to get horny?”

So let’s get down to business shall we!



Women and men cumming together at the same time.  Not porn stars, not fake, just amateur couples masturbating together, masturbating each other, or masturbating themselves at the same time.  This is a gold mine for men and women alike, but this truly is the holy grail for women.  This is what a woman looks for when she is browsing reddit for nsfw material!




A subreddit that is extremely friendly to women and couples.  This is the type of erotica you watch together as a couple. It is more about the appearance of intimacy and closeness involved with sex.    Every woman is different, but some of us like a good dirty novel, sex that looks intimate, and a glass of wine.  Oh yea, and also our vibrators / wands.




As much as a lot of us girls enjoy wholesome sex that resembles making love, if you really get to know us and allow us to explore our inner fetishes, we also love being dominated.  Even when it’s intimate, we love feeling like we are being totally controlled.   Sometimes it’s not intimate and just downright vulgar.  Nothing makes some of us hornier than imagining a man treating us like an object and being used as a fuck doll.



This subreddit is a place for women to confer about and share porn/erotica.  From requests of different types of videos they want to find.  To breakdowns of what women enjoy about porns and various scenes.  This subreddit has a lot of discussion and talk, not just sex videos and gifs.  If you are cerebral and want more than just a video, this is the spot for you.  They also link to a lot of full videos they discuss, so you will still get your omg kinky “fix”.  




All women are unique so we don’t all like one certain type of thing.  But don’t be surprised when you find out most of us prefer to watch how our bodies and breasts move while we get fucked.  Much like men prefer watching a man shoot cum all over everything.  




This subreddit captures a lot of womens’ absolute favorite moments during sex.  When it first goes in.  Sometimes it’s a beautiful moment to watch.  Sometimes it’s painful and our whole bodies tense up as we want it to stop, but we would never actually stop it.   This is the exact moment when we have decided to allow our bodies be used for another person’s pleasure. We are going to deal with the pain, pleasure, stretch, rip, and pressure.   And the best part is, no matter a man’s size, large or small, this moment right here it doesn’t matter.  The first few seconds will always stretch us out and make us whine in pleasure.




This subreddit is exactly what it says.  A subreddit filled with girls humping whatever it is they want to hump.  Not all women like watching other men.  Some of us prefer to watch women, as it is guilt free and sexy as hell.  Totally the nsfw material I browse on reddit when looking to get my juices flowing.




See ladies, sometimes when men “squirt” it’s also urine!  lol They are learning a few of our tricks!

And to be fair, we also like watching men hump things too!  There is a subreddit for everything! In fact, watching a man prone masturbate is extremely sexy because it’s seems much more vulnerable and emasculating to watching a man hump pillows and couches.  And that’s why it’s extra sexy to us!  Seeing a man stroke sometimes comes off as cocky and arrogant.  And unless you are OUR man, we really don’t get turned on by arrogance.  However, humping pillows like a little horny boy hoping to turn on others with how his body moves is what some of us jill off too.




And then sometimes we want to see a man doing whatever it is he does with his dick.  Playing football or just jacking off. Although years of unsolicited pics and videos have spoiled what made this so special, it can still be sexy if we find it on our own.    This subreddit has a fine selection of men from all over the world that like to share themselves for a woman’s eyes.

And another one for those looking for this type of thing:   r/MalesMasturbating




And much like there are 100s of subreddits with various names for women giving a man a blow job.  None of those will please a woman the same as us being in control and watching a man go down on us.  Treat us like queens!    

Here is another subreddit with the same theme:  r/cunnilingus





We’ve spoke about Outercourse plenty of times here!  Here is a subreddit that focuses on the absolute control we have over a man with our bodies.  We can tease you, we can edge you, and we can make you wet your pants by just rubbing ourselves against.  




Here is a great subreddit that focuses on amateur men cumming.   And it also has a lot of gay sex, which women love!  Something about watching two men, or watching a man find creative ways to share his semen.  Either way, great subreddit for the ladies to enjoy.

I’d like to include other gay men subreddits for women, but I guess it would just be easier to link the entire pornhub gay categories.  



Dating Tips – Are you DTF? If So, Let Him Know

Dating Tips – Are you DTF?  If so, let him know.

There are times we see men and know immediately if we want to fuck them, friend them, or possibly get into a relationship with them.  For instance, we may see a handsome tanned muscular man who is much younger than us, but obviously still be attracted to him.  We already know that this relationship wouldn’t work, but he could still be fun.  With your own preferences in mind, you already know in advance a relationship probably wouldn’t work.  That doesn’t change the fact that he may still pursue you.  If he asked you on a date would you want to waste time and pretend there is a possible connection or cut to the chase and let him know what you’d like out of a date with him?   DTF (down to fuck).

Maybe you don’t have to be so brash and outright say it, but you can communicate your interests and what you want out of a date ahead of time.  Usually women are reserved and are expected to never want sex.  While on the other hand, men are down to fuck at the drop of a hat.  No secret.  No mystery.  No shame.  They are DTF and proud.  So why aren’t we?

It really is that simple.  And it’s totally up to you.   I have listed a few things you can do to ensure you have a great experience on a date when your goal is to enjoy a sexual experience and move on.

dtf1. Let him know in advance you are DTF.  

Obviously you can revoke consent at any time up to and during sex, but giving him the all-clear ahead of time is a good way to get both of your juices flowing.  What is the all-clear?   Let him know you are down to fuck (DTF).  Some of you are reading this like, “Oh my golly geez gosh, no way!”  Why the heck are you reading a sex blog then?  We like sex.  

Although this may be a bit tricky if you are going on a date with a coworker or someone you know from church, but if you are meeting someone through a hook up app, then the term DTF isn’t all that unfamiliar. 

If he knows before the game even starts that he will be holding up a trophy afterwards and yelling out, “Mom, I’m going to Disneyland,” sex will be much better.  He will also be more hands on during the date and give you an entire different type of attention.  Just because you are going on a date, doesn’t always mean you have to look for Mr. Right.  Sometimes you just want to be selfish and enjoy a good romping.  Him knowing this is what you are after will put him in a whole different mindset.  It will also show you what type of man he really is without all the smoke and mirrors.  No games, no guessing if he gets you home will he make a move, and no change of personalities as soon as the doors close.  And if he acts a bit creepy, you can always let him know, NVMINDTFAM (never mind I’m not down to fuck any more).  

I just made that one up.  

It happens.  Him removing the “perfect gentlemen filter” may give you all the signs you need to cut a date short and end the night with yourself.

2. Knowing the end game means you can prepare better and talk about the rules. 

No last second talks about condoms (or lack thereof).   Depending on what you want, you can talk about using protection, what you would like to do, and what is off limits.  Letting your date know up front your intentions takes away all the last second scrambling and possible miscommunication and mistakes out of the picture.  Although it may not be perfect, it will be much better than talking about using protection while he has already came inside you and is reaching for your cigarettes.  

3. Public Syntribation.

Since you both know the end game, and he is trying to win the Super Bowl, why not throw in a few trick plays and options into your the old playbook.  

Here is an option that can’t miss:

Syntribation [sin-tri-bey-shuh n]  Of a female, to masturbate by crossing the legs and rubbing her thighs together.  

Whether he knows or not, you can get your juices flowing throughout the entire date.  If he knows, it may drive him wild.  If he doesn’t know, it really doesn’t matter, because if you know how to syntribate properly, you are one step ahead of the curve.

4. Your vagina will be clean and ready.  

So let’s imagine an actual scenario where you do not tell him up front your intentions.  You go back to your place and you are unsure exactly what either of you want.  No planning.  No idea if how far it will go.  No comunication.  Maybe he doesn’t want to have sex.  Maybe he does.  So you feel him out and maybe kiss a bit.  He reaches down to feel up your dress and you are unsure if being wet all night has left you too sticky.  You don’t want want to ruin the moment and stop his hand, so you let his fingers slide inside your panties.  He then proceeds to slowly move his head down your chest and into your lap.  The next thing you your legs are up on his shoulders and he is face deep inside of your vagina with his nose and tongue.

Uh oh.

Did you sweat too much during the date?  I mean, you did have your thighs rubbing together all night while you helped yourself to a bit of syntribation.  But did you get too wet and leave your panties and vagina too moist?  Is he ready for that?  You know you aren’t gross, but you could have been so much more fresh if you had a chance to prepare or run to the bathroom as soon as you got home.  And the same goes for him.  What’s worse than warm chest nuts over a roasting… mouth?

When you both know you are down to fuck, you both can make sure to excuse yourself and go to the bathroom and tidy up.  In fact, you both can outright take a shower together if you wanted.  

5.  Take a shower together.

Why not?  You are going to get busy soon and share all your naughty bits anyway.  If you are too nervous to shower in front of him but totally okay with him throwing your legs on your shoulders and studying your vagina while he pounds it, this may not be the blog for you.  Girl, give yourself the opportunity to study him too.  His body.  His dick.  What better way to feel him up and see his body during all states of arousal.

And the biggest advantage is, when you are both showered and clean, you will be able to totally relax and enjoy each other thoroughly.  That alone will make your date, your sex, and your aftercare (worrying the next day if he / she was clean) so much better.  

There are many reasons why communicating your intentions help with all sorts of situations in your life, but they will definitely make first time sex with a date much better.  And telling someone you want to fuck may have a stigma attached to it, but so does everything you do in life with sex attached to it.   Do what makes you happy and enjoy yourself.

This post is sponsored by Fuckbooks.com.  Fuckbook dating app is the best local adult hookup site online.  If you can’t get laid on Fuckbook, you can’t get laid anywhere.  

A Warning About Threesomes – The Superpowers of an Introvert

A Warning About Threesomes – The Superpowers of an Introvert

Although we have had various issues with having threesomes, the issues didn’t outweigh the positive results:   the experiences brought us closer together.  We just didn’t feel the things that people warn you about when it came to threesomes.  In our relationship prior to opening our bedroom, complacency had taken over.  We had become roommates, able to function and say we love each other without showing it, having sex just to get relief with little to no intimacy.   At the crossroads of our relationship, we either needed to find a way to be excited with each other, or rethink our marriage.  We both decided that our marriage was something we didn’t want to give up on.  The alternative to separating and giving up, was opening our minds and trying things we had never done.  As we reconnected, we shifted back into a honeymoon phase.  A rebirth of wanting intimacy, closeness, and a new willingness to try new things.  Much like when we first met, all the things we wanted to try sexually were discussed and something we were excited to try.  In a new marriage, this gradually dies off and you just become complacent, rather than excited to be around each other.   It’s also easy to close the door on new ideas, open marriages, or exploring your sexuality.  Especially when you marry young.  A catalyst like realizing your marriage is almost over, can push people to try new things, because at that point they have nothing to lose.  Also, if you are going to go out single and explore your sexuality, why not do it with someone you at least have history with.  Especially when you have nothing to lose.  Warning.

During our second honeymoon phase, both sides were willing to try new things that we hadn’t tried in the first 12 years of our marriage.  In the process, we learned that we never wanted to go back to being complacent.  Complacency was our biggest mistake, in our experience. 

A Threesome Warning

However, our experience isn’t everyone’s experience.  Below is a great article about a guy that started having threesomes while in a relationship.  During the process, his girlfriend, who was an introvert that liked to write out her thoughts on paper, gave him a list of all the reasons they should stop having threesomes.  Rather than listening to her reasons, the excitement of threesomes, the intoxication of the freedom to have threesomes, and everything else a man’s mind goes through, had him arguing with her list, rather than listening.  This could be extremely helpful to other couples out there that may be going through the same thing.

Continue reading

Have A Sexy Christmas – Goodbye 2019!

Have A Sexy Christmas – Goodbye 2019!

Let’s set the mood right for our sexy Christmas blog this year.  If you love National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation and lo fi music, let the needle drop…


2019 and The Bloggs are still naughty as ever!

Happy Holidays!

This introduction just keeps getting longer!  We have now republished this article every year since 2012. Unfortunately it’s not easy to come up with new ideas for a sexy Christmas photo shoot when you did 25 days straight in the original.  Our little wet noses and perky ears are dried up and saggy now!  Our ideas are stale.  So instead of doing more photos… 

…wait a second, as I am writing this I just came up with an idea to maybe reshoot every single photo as close as possible to the original!  7 years later.   Oh gosh, our bodies have gotten much older!  But maybe that could be a fun project!

*Edit.  After starting off the month strong, we realized that taking a photo each day just wasn’t something we had time to do!  So instead, we took a few of our favorites and turned them into a 2019 remix.   

Also make sure you check out “Naughty Selfies – Santas Little Helper

Sexy Christmas Past

Back in 2012 when we started our blog, Nessa and I wanted to find a sexy way to celebrate Christmas and December.  We came up with the idea to do a photo shoot every day up until Christmas.  I believe it all started on December 1, 2012, when I asked Nessa if she wanted to do a photo shoot with me cumming all over her milk and cookies.  Of course she jumped at the opportunity because she loves taking photos, and definitely doesn’t have a problem eating cookies and cream during the holidays (this photo shoot also inspired our January 2013, month long photo shoot of facials / and Nessa swallowing  each day of the month).

From there it spiraled into us setting up a second Christmas tree specifically for photo shoots.  We’d message each other throughout the day and plan our next shot.  It was fun, but it was also a lot of work.

Even though the photos are from 2012, they are still timeless and we enjoy sharing them.  Welcome to the month of December!   Happy holidays everyone!

Sexy Christmas Present







A few extra photos we took this season for fun.  

sexy christmas


And with that said, hopefully you guys have a Merry Christmas!  Need ideas for outfits for an adult Christmas party or spicing up your own social media account?   No, not a sponsor.  Just a few great outfits for Christmas that you guy may want to check out and try on for yourself!  

Loneliness, Porn, and Losing Your Soul Mate

porn lonelinessLoneliness, Porn, and Losing Your Soul Mate

Below I have added an interesting story from an anonymous author on Reddit we decided to share with our readers.  These type of random stories get a lot of attention so we decide to archive it in case it gets deleted.  It deals with being lonely and needing porn.  However, unlike young kids not finding dates because they are addicted to porn sites, it is quite the opposite.  It’s about older gentlemen that uses porn as a way to get through life after his wife has passed.  Loneliness isn’t easy.

I get it.

This actually reminds me of Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots being arrested for paying for an illegal hand job at a massage parlor.  However, what is usually left out of this story is that his wife has passed and he was 75 years old at the time of the incident.   It doesn’t make it legal or moral, but maybe it explains why a billionaire would risk his reputation to get an illegal hand job at a massage parlor.

Below is the full story: 

Writing this on a throwaway account because I could get fired for what I did.

I work at a store that deals with technology. I won’t be specific, but it’s a pretty big store, and a family store with things for kids to play with and little classes for them. We do sales and repairs, so we’re pretty full-service and often busy and crowded.

The other day, I was approached by a coworker with a question about the parental controls on a device. I’m one of the people who is very familiar with software and interfaces, and parental controls are one of my knowledge points that a lot of the younger workers aren’t familiar with (even though I’m not a parent myself), so this wasn’t unusual. The questions centered around removing them. My coworker asked if I could take over, and I said okay. This was all very normal, right up until he said “It’s this old guy. He wants to watch porn.” That got the requisite “WTF” look from me, and my coworker stifled a laugh. “Thanks for dealing with it,” he said. I kind of shrugged. I mean, I like porn, I’m not shy about browsing it, and that people have “needs”. I had no problem handling it, though I bet other coworkers might say I should just send him to a manager to get “politely declined service for that subject.”

He takes me over, and introduces me to this very old man. He looked like he might have had Parkinson’s, with the tremor in his hand. His iPad was also very old, as was the software on it. I could tell at a glance that his system had a version from before 2013 (because I’m a nerd who can tell these things at a glance). His iPad would not even be compatible with newer systems.

The old man didn’t say anything about porn, but he said that his grandkids had been over, and he thought they did something to his iPad, because it wasn’t working like normal. He said he thought that they’d set some parental controls “to block stuff so kids can’t see it”.

I smiled, and sighed, and began to tell him the usual speech about how parental controls work, and how we’d need the passcode if one was set up, and if he didn’t have it, it would require deleting the device and beginning without a backup to get things working again. His iPad didn’t appear to have much on it. But when I got to the settings, I was surprised to find there were no parental controls turned on.

I stopped, and I let him know that it appeared there were no controls or limits set. I turned them on and off just in case. I had to ask him. “So what wasn’t working?” I was starting to worry it might be a software incompatibility due to new web standards, and that his old iPad might not be able to be updated to match them. Internally, I did not want to have that conversation. People his age were often on fixed incomes, and could not afford to get a new device.

He began trembling again. “I’m 93,” he said. “My wife died. I have nothing left. And the…the videos I’d watch, they aren’t working anymore.” He took the iPad and started to go to a webpage. “I go to xnxx, and the images are there, but when I…”

I stopped him. “Sir, uh, our WiFi blocks that,” I said. I remembered using that site myself. It was one of the regular sites I’d used to go to for many years.

He nodded and closed his eyes. “Please, I don’t have anyone. I just…need something.”

I was struck. It stopped being funny. He was so fucking lonely, and the videos he watched online were important to him. I could see in his eyes, it was something he needed, to just keep existing. And I could see just how ashamed he was to come in, with such a subject and a need, but his loneliness was too much for his shame. He was practically in tears.

I acted like what I did next was a big decision, because I thought I had to put up the act, even though it was a quick decision for me. I pulled out my phone, and I turned on the hotspot, and I put his iPad onto my phone’s WiFi. This would bypass the content restrictions our WiFi had. He thankfully had a cover on the iPad. I held it at a low angle, and positioned it so we could see but hopefully there’d be as little a chance for anyone else to see. I typed in xnxx.

The porn site came up, and I kept furtively looking over my shoulder. He said “This is how it comes up, but when you tap, it doesn’t play anything…”. So I tapped. While the page changed, I remembered to turn down the volume, and I did.

The video came up and started playing. A-okay, no problem.

He began to say it wouldn’t do that at home, but still started thanking me. Still, I wasn’t satisfied. If there’s a bug, and it works sometimes but not others, it’s not fixed, it’s just a clue to find it. I tried other videos and they all worked.

I closed the webpage and the iPad. He looked so thankful. I told him I didn’t do anything, so I wasn’t sure it was “fixed.” I considered that maybe his kids, the grandkids parents had put parental blocks up on his own ISP, but they’d block the entire site, not the vids. I told him to try it again at home. I didn’t know why it hadn’t worked, but at least we’d proven that his iPad could play them.

He left, and even as I told him that I wasn’t sure we could help further he kept thanking me. I just stood there for a moment, and then I started tearing up and had to leave the sales floor.

It struck me how lonely he was, how the porn was one of his only ways of just having moments of satisfaction. I felt that hard. I’m serially single. I’m very lonely, and porn is my escape, and I’m just 42. I realized the state he was in, that’s something that is likely coming. For all of us.

I know that a lot of my coworkers would laugh at the guy, the pervert coming in, needing his porn. But I felt sad. Sad for him. Sad for all of us. I know that loneliness. It’s waiting for us all.

I don’t know if there’s a moral here. I just thought I should share. And please, I know porn is something we laugh about and make fun of, and it’s deserving of that. But sometimes…let’s take away the shame of it. You’re lucky if you don’t need it to get those little moments. Don’t take it for granted. And allow whatever moments others have, however they get them, without shame or looking down.

There is a moral here.  It isn’t just about being sad.  It’s about having a soul mate… and maybe having to deal with losing your soul mate.  And what happens if your soul mate passes in this life and you are left alone?  What happens if you do not want to “move on” and find a new relationship, a new person to love, or someone else to fill the void. Male or female, you may still have urges to release or have a physical need that needs to be met, but do not want an emotional connection. What can you do?   Well, you can move to Nevada (or any country) where prostitution is legal, or watch porn.   Whether you call it therapy or a release, porn isn’t always such a terrible thing.